Lockheed F-5E Lightning: Only the Brave (V).

The Lightning was a real war winning prodigy of versatility. Apart of the classic fighter models, the iconic Twin-tailed marvel served also as night fighters, bomber pathfinders and above all in photo-reconnaissance role -this aircraft in particular. Some weird experiments were also undertaken with them too, like this man-carrying pods. According to what I’ve read these modified drop tanks were specially designed to accommodate injured servicemen. Of the confort of this contraction the least said the better.

These pods found also an unexpected use. In this photo we can see photojournalist extraordinary David Douglas Duncan (DDD) meddling with his camera before some action. I’m a huge fan of all his work, specially his “This is War !!”. Today is DDD’s birthday : 101 years young and 3 wars over his shoulders. Homeric, just Homeric.


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