Junkers Ju 49: Over the Top.

The stunning Ju 49 was conceived in the 1930’s by Junkers to investigate high-altitude flight in general and cabin pressurization techniques in particular. With its all-metal construction and corrugated surfaces, the Ju 49 was a “Junkers” though and though. A Junkers was also its engine -in its definitive form- a 800hp two-staged (with intercooler) Junkers L88a. The more startling feature of the Ju 49 was its multiple porthole-equipped pressure cabin. So poor was its view a periscope was provided for landings.
Originally conceived to operated at around  6,000m (20,000ft), the Ju 49 in its definitive form soon doubled that altitude routinely. All in all, a very profitable investment to Junkers that showed the way to the wartime Ju 86P/R.


As we can see in this superb photo this Junkers was a utterly imposing beast. Here with interim unsupercharged L88 engine installation. That lanky undercarriage was needed to allow the necessarily huge wooden prop.


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