SVL turbojet train: Resting Places (IX).

The early 1970’s SVL (High-speed Laboratory Railcar) was the Soviet counterpart of the New York Central’s M-497. The Russians like the Americans employed a regular rail-car (an ER22 electric one) powered in this case by a pair of Ivchenko AI-25’s taken from a Yakovlev Yak-40 jet airliner. The SLV was a little bit slower, yet with its 250km/h (160 mph) not a plodder by any means.
This is the sad state of the SLV nowadays, derelict on a forgotten siding. A monument of it can be seen at the rail-car factory in Tver…, a pity they didn’t choose to restore the real thing instead.

Yep, it’s still freezing outside.


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