LWS-6 Żubr: Hideous though and though.

The Polish Żubr (Bison) is one of the -if not “THE”- ugliest conventional aircraft ever built. Conceived in the early 1930’s as a passenger aircraft for the national LOT company, this design was soon redirected to more warlike roles after that company decided to acquire the Douglas DC-2 – smart guys. The Polish AF was not totally sure about their very advanced Łoś and saw in the pedestrian Żubr a sort of safety net. First flown in 1936 as the PZL.30, these bombers were in fact produced by a state concern: the LWS of Lublin. About his service life…well, ugliness was not his main defect: obsolete, painfully slow, almost worthless bomb load, poorly defended, structurally dubious, with puerile system defects…, the least said the better. Only 17 in total were built, thankfully, and they saw service mainly as a trainers.

This photo was taken after the end of the Poland defeat. A conqueror wondering why the Polish did build something as horrible as that. The Germans captured several LWS-6 and curiously gave them a second opportunity also as trainers, the Russian also used their captured LWS-6.  The wheels are bathed in engine oil…., maybe those 700hp Bristol Pegasus VIII’s were crying; such a waste of good engines.


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