P-47D & Fw 190A: Just too good to be true.

The famous and controversial story lived by the then 2nd Lt. Robert S. Johnson (a 27 victories Ace) of the 56th FG on June 26, 1943. Johnson’s unit (61th Sqn) was caught that day “dreaming” and bounced by approximately the same number of Fw 190’s. In the process Johnson’s “Jug” was shot up so badly that it took fire (he was also wounded) and went into a wild spin. Thanks that spin, gladly, the engine fire went out. During his lonely and sobering trip back (he was trapped in the cockpit) he said he encountered another “190” which, according to him, after he’d emptied his remaining rounds flew alongside him escorting him to the English Channel, saluted him and then turned away.

The author of this magnificent painting  has chosen to represented the scene as claimed by, among others, noted aviation author Barrett Tillman.  This historian identified the German pilot as the III./JG 2 Kommandeur Egon Mayer, a superb 102 victories ace. Anyway, it seem quite unlikely, Mayer’s unit III./JG 2 was stationed to far away for this action that day, and the story could possibly be -as some thought then- just a product of Bob Johnson shock and excitement. Who knows…

Artist: Jim Laurier (“Not my turn to die”).


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