Fokker S.14 Machtrainer: Always hard the first time.

The Dutch resumed their aviation activities after the dark WW2 days with a vengeance. Their S.14 Machtrainer was, in fact, the first purpose-built jet trainer to see the light. The origins of this sadly quite forgotten aircraft was in fact in Britain. The Rolls-Royce wanted to take a piece of the lucrative postwar jets aircraft market, and specially they wanted something where to put their engines to compete with the then flourishing de Havilland jet engines. After trying in the UK they approached the Fokker company with a possible RR Derwent-powered jet trainer concept. The Fokker found the idea agreeable and their S.14 became just that. First flown in 1951, this superb aircraft was aggressively marketed, but proved to be just too big and, above all, way too expensive for its role. Only 21 in total were produced and those  saw service mainly with the Dutch AF.

Superb photo of the original prototype, long “spear” pitot tube included. Gladly, the K-1 (PH-XIV) is among the three surviving S-14’s. It resides nowadays at a museum in the Lelystad Airport.


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