Savoia-Marchetti S.79 Sparviero: Jorobando.


The Gobbi were operated by both the Italians and the Nationalists (rebels) during the Spanish Guerra Civil -99 in total. In Spain the S.79 was one of the most advanced, and fastest, aircraft to see service, only the Soviet I-16 could reach it.

A pair of S.79’s on a lovely dynamic, and quite unlikely, action. The Spanish flag and St Andrew cross in the tail is really fanciful and inaccurate. I must confess I’ve a love/hate relation with them. The Italians of the 8º Stormo “Falchi delle Baleari” (Hawks of the Balearic islands), among other things, bombarded my city during that horrible conflict.


Gobbo= hunch-backed= jorobado / Jorobando in Spanish means “bothering”.


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