Airco DH.2 & DH.5 (Replicas): Gimme Two !!

Gorgeous photo of a pair of New Zealand replicas of the Airco fighter stable: a DH.2 pusher and its intended replacement, the DH.5 “back-staggered” tractor biplane. As a replacement the DH.5 failed miserably for many reasons, both real and imaginary. First, its clumsy looking configuration and structural problems rumours (unjustified) contributed to its unpopularity. Worse, the poor high-altitude performance didn’t help either. To add to all that, when the DH.5 showed up in service (Spring 1917) there were already better fighters available: read Camels & S.E.5‘s. Half thousand of them were produced nevertheless and they served quite decently on ground-attack duties. The DH.5’s sturdiness and good low-altitude behaviour were definitive assets there, yet they remained as unloved as always.

Impeccable photo, methinks.


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