Boeing XF8B-1: Overly Montainous.

The Americans always seem to have loved overdoing thing a little. Their WW2 fighter were not an exception. The huge “Jug”, the Lightning and even the slick Mustang were a size, at least, above their contemporaries. Well, for the people of Boeing that was not enough. Their long-range carrier borne F8B was, by a large amount, the largest and heaviest single-seat single-engine fighter of its era. Its size has a reason. The F8B was conceived as a multirole aircraft: fighter-interceptor/escort, dive-bomber, torpedo-carrier…you name it, almost.
Powered by an early prototype of the gargantuan -of course- P & W R-4360 Wasp Major, the XF8B-1 took its first flight in Nov, 1944 and soon proved its qualities. Sadly, it was just too late. Only three prototypes were produced before the project was cancelled.

Magnificent photo of the XF8B-1 (BuNo57986)  wearing overall Glossy Sea Blue livery with  the Mount Rainer (Washington) as a background. That mount was/is the usual scenery of Boeing Co. family photos.


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