Arado Ar 95L: Tears me apart.

The gorgeous Ar 95 was a little known German recon/patrol biplane of the late 1930’s. The reason of its “obscurity” was because the German military but decided not to acquire any mainly because, as an biplane, the Ar 95 was already obsolescent design for its very first flight (1937). That apart, not a bad aircraft at any rate. As a plus these Arados were even conceived to be operated as both landplane (Ar 95L) and seaplane (Ar 95W). All in all, a trio of them were combat tested in the Spanish Guerra Civil and only a handful were sold to Chile and Turkey. In the end, they did see some service with the Luftwaffe when the small Turkey’s order was requisitioned at the start of WW2.

An informal photo taken at Chile during the visit of some US. military officers. Not one the best of LIFE magazine photo, but its Kodakchrome colour is just sumptuous and it portrayed the Ar 95L magnificently. Its sheer size, trousered fixed undercarriage and the elegantly cowled BMW 132 engine… ,teardrop-shaped bulges included. It deserved better.


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