Sage Type 2 Scout: As cute as it could be.

The Type 2 of the Frederick Sage & Co wooden company was one of the loveliest try to produce an sort fighter aircraft before the availability of an effective, and safe, gun synchronising gear. Powered by the classic 100 hp Gnôme Monosoupape rotary, the main feature and attraction of the Sage Scout was that both its pilot and gunner sat in an fully glazed enclosed cabin placed between the fuselage and upper wing. A porthole placed in the upper wing was employed by the gunner handle his Lewis MG. Pretty neat all, but already too late. By the time of its first flight, in the summer of 1916, the synchronising gear was already there. Sadly too, the unique prototype was lost just before the end of that summer.

Lovingly “Hergé-esque” drawing. It was that pretty.


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