Fairchild 24C-8F: Womanpower.

The Model 24 was the logical development of the already successful family of small civil aircraft produced by Fairchild company since the very early 1930’s. American through and through, this neat high wing monoplane gained rapid popularity from its first flight in 1932.  Well-though and with clever production features, the 24 was also noted for its lovely pleasant handling, roughness, flexibility and comfort. The recipe for success: they sold more than well as a civilian aircraft and WW2 demand multiplied their numbers exponentially.
One of the innovative characteristics of the 24 was its capability to employ two different kind of power plants easily: both radial and in-line. In fact, the array of different in-line engines which powered the 24’s was just incredible. Gladly the registration of this 24 (150hp Ranger 6) is clearly at sight in the original. I can’t picture myself trying to identified it by its subtle features…., just too lazy.

Sublime Vogue cover (June 1937) by Anton Bruehl. Nothing to add.


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