Zaunkönig LF.1: Mighty little King.

The tiny Zaunkönig (Wren) was a single-seat very light monoplane designed by Prof. Dr. Ing Hermann Winter in just before the start of WW2. It was conceived as a Short Take-Off and Landing (STOL) aircraft capable of being flown with almost no instruction at all. The all-wood monoplane was originally to have had a 16º variable-incidence wing, but in the end that configuration was abandoned in favour of a complex wing equipped with full-span fixed slots, semi-span slotted flaps and drooping slotted ailerons. The first of the two built by the Technical University of Brunswick during WW2 took flight in 1940. Curiously, two further examples were built later during the middle 1950’s. It must have been definitely a desirable artifact.

Excellent photo of the second wartime example built , the V2, seen here in British hands after the war. During the last days of the war, in desperation, the V2 was employed to test its possible air-to-ground weaponry capabilities, Panzerfaust included. Gladly, this cute little thing is preserved nowadays at the Deutsches Museum.


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