Supermarine 327: A bloody shame.

The 327 had its origins in an alternative Supermarine’s answer to the RAF F.18/37 requirement: the one that was fulfilled by the Hawker Typhoon/Tornado. The people of Supermarine chose the twin-engined formula for their heavily armed fighter, a fighter that show its clear Spitfire heritage. Preceded by various models equipped with Bristol Taurus radials in tractor configuration and also by both Bristol Taurus and RR Merlin in pusher configuration, the 327 was the cleanest and more refined example of this unlucky family. Conceived after the Hawker proposal won the original requirement, its intended function was fulfill the role of cannon-equipped fighter. The rearmed Hawker Typhoon with its 4 x 20mm won again. This splendid mock-up was as far as these gorgeous aircraft went.

It comes to my mind….


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