Lockheed F-94C Starfire: From the ground up.

The F-94C Starfire shared with its F-94 forerunners almost only the name. The original F-94’s were in essence fast and dirty T-33 airframes conversions produced as interim all-weather fighters. The result was satisfactory, but just so. Lockheed though they could do better. The Starfire had also same T-33 roots, but with its new wing, tail feathers, J48 engine with afterburner, radar and rocket armament was a totally different kettle of fish. In the end the USAF bought that fish and it proved to be a very decent Sabre Dog and Scorpion‘s second-best partner.

Superb Lockheed poster from 1952, the Cold War at its very best. The Duke abides.

Other things.

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