Fieseler Fi 167: Flights of Fancy (IV).

Germany’s first aircraft carrier, the Graf Zeppelin, had it keel laid down at the end of 1936, but the premature start of WW2 delayed first and ended later (1943) its possible entry into service. To equip it the Reich Ministry of Aviation (Reichsluftfahrtministerium; the RLM to us) issued the usual aircraft specifications. The Fi 167 was the winner of torpedo and reconnaissance bomber one. This magnificently elegant biplane took the skies in 1938 and from the very beginning proved to be a superb performer, surpassing many of the requested specifications.
Sadly, as I’ve said, German carrier aviation came to nothing and its demise means the end of Germany’s carrier aircraft needs too. Anyway, this biplane was obsolete long before that. By 1942 its place had been taken by a carrier version of the Ju 87. The dozen or so Fi 167’s built saw some service with the Luftwaffe in the Netherlands and later with the Croatians.

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