Junkers Ju 187: Mueve la colita.


One of the lesson learned by the Germans of Battle of Britain was the vulnerability of the Ju 87 to enemy fighters and the need of a replacement. It was soon obvious that something better than a cleaned out up-powered Ju 87 was needed. The daring Ju 187 was Junkers’ answer. While keeping the basic Ju 87 shape -gull-wing included-, Junkers added to their design a remote control defensive turret, a retractable landing gear and, the best for last, a rotating vertical tail to improve the gunner field of fire.
As we can see in this somehow funny GIF, the Ju 187 would have looked quite weird. Anyway, the whole project was cancelled by the RLM in 1943: its performances didn’t seem to offer a real advantage over its fixed-undercarriage predecessor.

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