Fairey-Reed propellers: At the sharp and twisted end.

The American Dr. S. Albert Reed filed in March 1921 a patent for a metallic screw propeller. From that patent Reed developed a series of twisted solid duralumin propellers designed for both durability and efficiency. For a few years, and until the arrival of more modern designs, these neat “thin blades” were the leading edge of aviation technology. Reed, deservedly, received the Collier Trophy in 1925.
The use of the Reed propeller proved to be essential to increase aircraft’s overall performances specially in extracting the most of high-power engines. The British Fairey aviation company knew that so they bought licence production rights. The British triumph at Schneider Trophy was a clear example of their virtues.

I’ve always been very fond of this delicate looking, and shiny, props.

One thought on “Fairey-Reed propellers: At the sharp and twisted end.

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