Aermacchi AM.3CM Bosbok: Taking my mind off.

The original AM.3 was a single-engine two-seat light STOL utility aircraft created by the Italian manufacturer Aermacchi together with Aerfer employing the know-how acquired with the Lockheed- Aermacchi AL.60. It was produced in response to an Italian Army requirement for a Cessna L-19 replacement. First flown in the Spring of 1967, the prototype showed promised but soon became orphan when  Italian Army decided to order the SIAI-Marchetti SM.1019 instead. Its development was continued privately anyway. That stubbornness paid in the end when the AM.3 attracted the interest of the South African AF. Forty of the customised AM.3CM Bosbok model served operational with them from 1973 until 1992.

Nothing out of the ordinary in this no-nonsense workhorse, yet it always strikes a chord in me. By chance it was one of the first aircraft I read about when I was a kid.

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