Fairey Delta 2: “Faster than the Sun.”

Not known precisely by their high-performance products, the Fairey company nevertheless won with this pure Delta a specification placed by the Ministry of Supply for a high-transonic / supersonic research aircraft. Two of these Deltas were produced and the first one (WG774) took the skies on 1954. The more outstanding feature of this elegant design was its droop-nose which presaged the Concorde’s. Not all was just research, on 10 March 1956, with Peter Twiss, at the helm the WG774 set world speed record of 1,132 mph. Built with all the qualities of a potential first-class fighter, only the power-than-be interest prevent its development. The French, curiously, were quite interested when the FD2 undertook tests at the Base aérienne 120 Cazaux….

The WG774 at speed here. Sadly, or not, this historic aircraft was later “mutated” into the gorgeous BC221.

Artist: Rod Kirkby.

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