Sikorsky XSS-2: Winner of my heart (V).

The neat contraction took part on 1933 in an US. Navy competition for a carrier-borne and/or catapult-launched amphibian scout aircraft. As originally designed the XSS-1 was to be powered by a P&W R-985, but early on due to that engine lack of power the design was altered to employ a P&W R-1340-D1 instead. Renamed XSS-2, it made its first flight on the spring 1933. Obvious handling problems were soon discovered and the US. Navy sent the XSS-2 back to Sikorsky for modifications. No longer interested in their own design, Sikorsky declined the offer and the prototype was scrapped before the end of 1933.

With a neat foldable gull-wing and my beloved pylon-mounted engine nacelle configuration.

2 thoughts on “Sikorsky XSS-2: Winner of my heart (V).

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