Fokker T.V: In the genes.

This boxy and inelegant aircraft was Fokker answer to a Netherlands Army Air Force’s dubious late 1930s requirement: the Luchtkruiser (aerial cruiser). An aircraft with a primary role of enemy bombers heavy interceptor with could be used also as a bomber itself. The product Fokker presented was quite modern at first sight but not structurally though, being of Fokker’s usual mixed-construction. First flown in 1937, the T.V proved to be decent enough during its tests. Anyway, by then sane minds prevailed and the few T.Vs produced (around 15) were purchased as mere medium bombers. Beset with engine problems, during the German invasion of 1940 the T.Vs performed more than decently mainly as bombers. Curiously, in their first combat the T.Vs shot down, by chance, two German bombers. Luchtkruisers they were, after all. To no avail, the German steamroller was unstoppable.

This precious classic style cutaway uncovers the obsolescence under the T.V.s skin.

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