Breda Ba.27M: Sun Clashes (II).

The original Ba.27 was a mixed-construction (metal fuselage-wooden wings) fighter monoplane design tested unsuccessfully by the Regia Aeronautica (RA) in 1933. Despite the poor showing of the two prototype produced Breda persevered with the basic configuration, but for their next try they undertook whole redesign of the aircraft, mainly structurally. The resulting Be.27M (M from Metallico) had a smother non-corrugated fuselage, better cockpit design and new metal wings instead of the previous wooden ones. The RA tested the “Metallico” in 1934, but proved to be not good enough for them. Breda, undeterred, tried the international market, but only China saw interest. Less than a dozen were received and they fought in the continuous war against the Japanese.

This “Metallico” looks a bit uninterested in the fate of that pair of Mitsubishi Ki-30s. Pretty neat artwork on the box cover of AZ Model 1/72 scale model. The similarities with its American lookalike are bloody evident.

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