Saturn IB (Skylab 2): On the milkstool of Titans.

And forty-five years ago the Skylab program continued unabated. This Space Station had its origins in the Apollo Application Program (AAP) as a way to find further use from the Apollo program hardware developing science-oriented manned missions. The somehow make do roots of the AAP program shows from the ground up. The first Saturn IB rockets had been launched from either LC-34 or 37 launch complexes. By the time of the Skylab missions both were inactive, so the manned Apollo crew were launched utilizing LC-39B instead. But that complex was configured for Saturn Vs. In order to enable the launch of IBs, the LC-39B’s Platform No. 1 was modified by adding a clever elevated pedestal known as the “milkstool” to accommodate the height differential between the Saturn IB and the much larger Saturn V in order to employ the later service facilities.

The second manned Skylab mission rocket (SA-206) ready to “Rock & Roll” next to the Mobile Service Structure. Those were the times.

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