Rohrbach Ro VIII Roland: It’s raining Swastikas….

The nowadays almost forgotten Rohrbach company was, with Junkers, one of the two pioneers of aircraft metal-construction. Their angular and inelegant Roland was designed by Alfred Rohrbach taken as a basis his revolutionary and cursed Zeppelin-Staaken E-4/20. It proved to be a modest success. The less than about twenty were produced during the mid/late-1920s saw service mainly with the Deutsche Luft Hansa (DLH). Second-hand examples also served with its associated Duruluft airline and with the Spanish Iberia company.
On a darker note, during German 1932 elections Adolf Hitler hired a DLH Roland (Immelmann I) for his two first series of campaign flights (March and July). Later, on November, Hitler switched to the more modern Ju 52.

The superbly disturbing cover of the commemorative book of Hitler’s airborne campaign by Heinrich Hoffmann and Josef Bertchold. Evil manna from heaven.

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