Lioré et Olivier LéO 213: Pure Gold.

The LéO 21 series was a French 12-airliner design derived for the Lioré et Olivier company’s very successful LéO 20 bomber. Longer and with a bigger wingspan than the prototype and powered by a pair of 450hp Renault 12Ja engines, the LéO 231 was the main production version with eleven produced in total. The Air Union employed the whole LéO 213 production on their Paris-London, Paris-Lyon-Marseille and Paris-Genève routes before they passed to Air France in 1933. Soon after that the survivors, modified as military transports, ended their days with the l’Armée de l’Air.

Alluring photo of one of those elegant “Rayons d’Or” taken at the Croydon airport. “Rayon d’Or”/”Golden Ray” (the english name was painted on the port side) was the name Air Union gave to their LéOs.

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