Vought F8U-3 Crusader III: Uncompromised awesomeness.

The Crusader III was the ultimate evolution of the already fabulous F8U Crusader: a Mach 2.5+ capable all-weather interceptor which competed against the McDonnell F4H Phantom. As we know the Phantom won out eventually, mainly because it had more useful payload and potential. A pity, the F8U-3 was an all-or-nothing engine/airframe marvel.

Lovely Vought’s artwork. “Hungry” chin inlet and huge retractable ventral fins., such a spellbinding aircraft.

4 thoughts on “Vought F8U-3 Crusader III: Uncompromised awesomeness.

  1. Yes, a great pity, particularly since all 5 of these magnificent aircraft were scrapped. I read pilot work load was considered a problem. Whereas in the F-4 they had a WSO, in the F8U-3 there was only the pilot. One is sometimes not enough.

  2. Apparently a 2 seat version was proposed but Vought spurned this because it was detrimental to performance. I guess they wanted a hot-rod, and they got one.

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