Mikoyan MiG-21F-13: Resting Places (XXIII).

This wonderfully preserved and colorful MiG-21F-13 gives testimony of a time when Indonesia maintained close ties with the USSR.

Photo taken at the Indonesian AF Museum at Yogyakarta, Central Java.

2 thoughts on “Mikoyan MiG-21F-13: Resting Places (XXIII).

  1. I have liked the Mig 21 since first seeing a photo in the 60s. But I always get a little pride in the fact, B-52 2, Mig 21 0! Plus, to add insult to injury, the B-52 gunners were siting in the tail, as God intended, armed with a quartet of good old Ma Deuces! Incidentally, when the four .50s were fired, the tail gunner did not have to tell the crew in the nose, the entire airplane would shake!

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