Chilton D.W.1A: Dreams of better times.

First flown in April 1957 this lovely monoplane was conceived by two ex-de Havilland technical school students who founded the Chilton Aircraft company for its manufacture. The D.W.1 was a single-seat ultra-light aircraft of wooden construction powered by both the 32 hp Carden-Ford (D.W.1) and the 44 hp Train A.T. (D.W.1A). Exceptional performers for its concise power, four of them were produced before the start of WW2: three D.W.1 and one D.W.1A; a further three were home-built decades later.

Sober publicity ad of the company published during mid-WW2. By then the company was more into “Precision Machined Parts” than into light civilian aviation. The aircraft depicted, the D.W.1A (G-AFSV), took part in my air races, with one notorious prewar win and also a 100 km international closed circuit record achieved in 1947.

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