Koolhoven F.K.58: Progress or Regression?

In the late 1930s France found itself short of aircraft production capability to face the fact of a future war with Germany. The obvious solution was the purchase of foreign designs, one of them was this dutch fighter. Interestingly, the F.K.58 was conceived specially to cover french needs. Its designer, Erich Schatzki, didn’t start for zero though: the F.K.58 was a further development of his previous Fokker D.XXI. Employing the same basic structure, the new Koolhoven fighter gained a retractable undercarriage.
First flown in 1938, the design proved to be reasonably modern and cheap to produced and the order was carried out. Events soon overcame the scheme, and only around a dozen saw service at the hands of Polish pilots during the Battle of France, with no appreciable success. After the defeat the survivor were soon destroyed.

Very handy and aerodynamically clean that wide-track undercarriage, but the D.XXI was sure prettier.

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