Bristol Boxkite: “Forty centuries look down (up?) upon you.”

Bristol original idea was to produced Voisin’s Zodiac biplane under licence, but after that design proved to be a flop, their classic pusher biplane was conceived copying the basic formula of the Farman III. The first successful aircraft built by the company, this no-nonsense biplane was also a commercial success with a decent production quantity and some sales abroad. First flown in the summer of 1910, the type was employed by Bristol for instruction purposes at their own flying schools, a situation that continued well into WW1. It produced a fair amount of British military flyers.

Magnificent photo of one of them flying over Stonehenge, Salisbury Plains. Maybe the flight made by Capt. Bertram Dickson on 1910. Bristol had a flying school near, at Larkhill.

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