Aerotécnica AC-14: Look Ma,…. NOTAR.

Based on his Pepo, with the larger AC-14 Jean Cantinieau returned to his NOTAR (No Tail Rotor) experiments which started with the little Nord Norelfe and continued in Spain with the AC-13. Powered by a 400 hp Artouste turboshaft, instead of a tail rotor, a ducted exhaust was employed to counter the torque. This daring five-seater made its first flight in 1957 and in view of the positive result of the early tests an order of ten was placed by the military. Built during 1960-61, only six (prototype included) of the order saw a modest operational evaluation. That was as far as they went; the company had closed in 1963 and the American cheap “surplus” helicopters took no prisioners.

The prototype sans doors and with its Artouste uncowled.

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