Apollo CM: The Force was with them.

One of those cute contemporary animations employed to explain, easily, the complex nature of space travel.

Reentry time. End of my chaotic homage to the Apollo 11’s 50th Anniversary with the day they came back.

5 thoughts on “Apollo CM: The Force was with them.

  1. Thanks paying homage to the 400,000 people and the decade of time it took to get the first man to the moon. Too bad the effort wasn’t followed up with a manned mission to Mars. Back then, in 1969, I was sure we would have permanent human habitation on Mars by now. Personally, I find it very disappointing that we don’t!

  2. I agree! I tell people that weren’t born yet, there is a reason why we believed that by 2001 Pan Am would have space shuttles to the moon! It just seemed so logical as fast as manned space travel was moving during the 60s.

    • Yes, I too thought Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke got it right, except there weren’t enough passengers on board the shuttle. As we now know people would be flocking to book passage!

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