Lockheed A-12B: Daddy Cool (XVIII).

The truly humongous Kelly Johnson in the front seat of the “Titanium Goose” ready for his only flight in the Habu. With that Habu’s J75 engines, a mild affair far below Mach 3. Kelly only needed the standard USAF HGU-2/P helmet and MBU-5P oxygen mask.

3 thoughts on “Lockheed A-12B: Daddy Cool (XVIII).

  1. I always wondered why Kelly named the A12 Cygnus, which is swan in Greek. As you have stated, titanium goose is the nick name of the A12 and the constellation Cygnus is the sign of the goose to many Native Americans. I think Kelly had a little sense of humor there, since because of the corrugated skin that had to be there because of heat, some of his collages were joking that he was just building a mach 3 Ford trimotor. In other words an updated Tin Goose!

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