Sack SA-6: Barely-flying critter.

Farm owner and “engineer” dilettante Arthur Sack had been experimenting with circular-winged scale models aircraft just before WW2. His next big step was the construction of this manned prototype. Completed in early 1944, his AS-6 was of wooden construction and employed a jigsaw of components: undercarriage, cockpit and pilot seat from an early Bf 109 and the Argus engine of a Bf 108.
Starting in Feb.1944, serious aerodynamic problems soon appeared early in its ground tests. The aircraft just didn’t want to take off. The comprehensive changes tried didn’t in the end solved its troubles and only little hops were achieved. Sack continued with his dream with further designs though; no trace remained of the SA-6 at the end of WW2.

The impressive thick and low aspect ratio wing of this neat critter with the always pretty Argus and a pair of unmistakable Bf 109 legs.

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