Aerocar Model 1: Daddy Cool (XX).

Former WW2 pilot an aeronautical engineer Moulton “Molt” Taylor started his quest for a convertible aeroplane/car in 1946. The first prototype made its maiden fight three years later. His Aerocar Model 1 was a two-seater which had a two-part fuselage comprising the car forward body section and an aft detachable section carrying wings and tail. Only five more Model 1 were subsequently produced. Not one to give up easily, Taylor persevered with the idea anyway.

A deservedly proud daddy next to a dandy 1/4 scale wind tunnel model. Quite early in the development in view of that wide lower fin.

2 thoughts on “Aerocar Model 1: Daddy Cool (XX).

  1. I actually had two of the Aerocars not far from where I live. They were both owned by Ed Sweeney, who tried to make his own modern version. The green and yellow model 1 actually flew quite a bit, unfortunately, I never managed to see it! Wrong place, wrong time.

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