Örnen Balloon: Recklessly bold.

A precious document of the departure of Swede Auguste Andrée’s Örnen (Eagle) balloon. Him and two companions left Danes Island in 1897 with their hydrogen balloon and set course for the North Pole. The three never ever returned, alive. Their remains were found on the White Island in 1930, and returned home.

Yep, it’s cold outside.

6 thoughts on “Örnen Balloon: Recklessly bold.

  1. Did you ever see the 1982 movie about this failed expedition? It’s called “The Flight of the Eagle” (original title: Ingenjör Andrées luftfärd). It stars Max von Sydow and is directed by Jan Troell. It’s a long movie but well worth a look if you come across it. The take off is the largest exterior shoot in Swedish cinematography.

    • As a fan of aviation, polar explorations and Max von Sydow, of course I’ve seen that delicious movie!!
      Imagine the level of my usual adsent-mindedness: to have written “hot air balloon”…..

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