Dornier Do 215 V1: Das Kampflugzeug.

The Do 215 was Dornier answer to the foreign interest in the Do 17Z generated at the 1937 Zürich International Flying Meeting. At first just a name change, the Do 215 soon became a “powered up” version of the original design. Equipped originally with Gnome Rhône 14N engines (Do 215 V2) and when these proved to be not enough with DB 601As. The marked increase in performance achieved opened the door to its mass production. But the start of WW2 meant the end for substantial foreign sales. The ones produced were employed by the Luftwaffe mainly as fast photo-recon aircraft and even as night fighters until 1942.

Very descriptive -lovely cockpit cutaway included- Dornier ad in the Adler magazine (Italian edition). The very first V1 “prototype” (D-AIIB); in fact just a rebranded Do 17Z-0.

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