CASA C-101EB Aviojet: “Culopollo” para los amigos.

First flown more than forty years ago, the C-101’s still going quite strong in the Spanish Ejército del Aire (EdA). Nothing rare nowadays anyway, just a sign of our era. Conceived to replace the indigenous Saeta, in the design of Aviojet participated both Northrop and the MBB companies. The objetive was to produce an unassuming no-nonsense design cheap to operate. A very civilian Honeywell TFE731 turbofan was chosen as a powerplant with economy in mind. Curiously, it has one very unorthodox feature for a trainer: an internal weapons bay. They had some more warrior-like development in mind, but only the few exported had some teeth.

One of the C-101s of the Patrulla Águila (Eagle Patrol) EdA aerobatic team. Its official name is “Mirlo” (Blackbird), but for obvious reasons it is nicknamed “Culopollo” (Chicken Butt).

3 thoughts on “CASA C-101EB Aviojet: “Culopollo” para los amigos.

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