Douglas A-20G Havoc: “She’s slick….., and beautiful”.

Not maybe one of the great forgotten ones of WW2, yet the Boston/Havoc family with it circa 7,500 produced deserves to be better remembered. Originally designed by the Douglas’ El Segundo as a private venture bomber, the basic design soon grew into fast, sturdy and very able aircraft. Its many variants satisfied many users, in many war theatres and in a considerable number of roles.

Magnificent Kodakchrome photo of some brand new Havocs en route (Alaska, methinks) to the Soviet Union. Notice the clever customising of the American star into a provisional red one for the transit. With almost 3,000 delivered, the USSR was the major operator of the Boston/Havoc. They adored them.


3 thoughts on “Douglas A-20G Havoc: “She’s slick….., and beautiful”.

  1. My Dad, who was a pilot for a time in the 1960s, was a fan of the A-20. Can remember that one of his favorite model builds was a 1/72 scale one, by Revell, maybe. He had quite a collection of 1/72 model planes until one day as he was getting ready to go somewhere during the winter, as he was putting on his coat it caught their shelf somehow, it was a heavy wire and light sheet metal ‘some assembly required’ bookshelf, and accidentally pulled it over. He was heartbroken. And at 6 or 7 years old there was nothing I could do to restore his models. The A-20 model was built a few years later, so it thankfully missed that event.

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