Bristol Brigand TF.1: Huge boots to fill.

The Type 164 was designed as a “Jack of all trades” twin-engined three-seat long range attack aircraft, capable of fulfilling also the roles of dive-bomber, torpedo-carrier, mine-layer and also day or night fighter. A potential Beaufighter replacement, in a few words. The result arrived too late to take part in WW2. Like its sinblings, this design suffered a protracted development, but gladly it bore some fruits. Around 150 were produced and some served in anger in Malaya. They proved to be potent assets but marred with many annoying technical problems.

Gorgeous photo of the torpedo and rocket-equipped T.F.1 (RH742). The first production aircraft, it wore only briefly this smart RAF Coastal Command livery. Originally torpedo bombers, the T.Fs were soon converted into light bombers and left the Coastal Command. The magnificent touch of Charles E. Brown.

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