Seversky EP1-106: Just Because (LXII).

The P-35 was chosen by the Royal Swedish AF to modernise its fighter component in the late 1930s. A hundred and twenty already obsolescent P-35A (EP1-106) were ordered in total, but only half of them entered service. By 1941 ominous signs were in the horizon and the United States found themselves in need of fighters, any fighter. They took the last sixty Swedish Severskys; they were that desperate. Forty-five were later consumed in the Philippine bonfire.

As this superb colour photo shows the J9 (its local designation) had a lengthened fuselage compared to the P-35. It was better armed too, with an additional pair of underwing .50 HMGs. Operated by the 8 Fighter Wing, these pair wear the “Italian” Sand and Spinach camo adopted during 1943. The same their Italian “cousins” had, which the Swedish also operated. The smart looking 1st Lieutenant Arne Frykholm rides a neat German DKW NZ-350 motorcycle.

5 thoughts on “Seversky EP1-106: Just Because (LXII).

  1. Reading another comment of yours – was there an undercarriage problem with this like the RE. 2000?

    At first glance I thought the bike was a Sunbeam S7 , but no, not enough engine!

    • That comment was about the P-35’s landing gear. Its semi-retractable design was not up to the standards of its time,, but it was not problematic. The Re.2000 used one similar in concept to the one of the P-36……, the P-35’s competitor.

  2. Always feel sorry for those pilots in the Philippines in their P-35s. If only MacArthur would had listened to them, when they wanted to disperse their planes farther south. They still would have lost, but they would have put up an even better fight!

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