Dirigible Torres Quevedo: ¡Qué Inventen Ellos!

Talking the other day about my Astra-Torres AT‘s post, I noticed the photo didn’t show the main feature of Torres Quevedo’s concept: its characteristic tri-lobed configuration. Not the same fault with this one. This is the first airship built in Spain by the Air Navigation Laboratory headed by its inventor. The studies started in 1905 and concluded three years later with its successful tests undertaken at the Parque Aeronáutico de Guadalajara. This stupendous Will’s Cigarette Card was created using a photo taken during those 1908 tests. The design was offered to the Spanish government which passed up, as usual. Torres Quevedo sold later the patent to Astra.

“Let them (others) do the inventing!” Miguel de Unamuno. Spain in a nutshell.

10 thoughts on “Dirigible Torres Quevedo: ¡Qué Inventen Ellos!

  1. Book arrived in mail yesterday, Dirigible Dreams. Between waiting at neurologist’s office yesterday afternoon and insomnia last night, I got a lot of it read. Pretty interesting history of the airship era. I don’t recall it mentioning these Spanish ones. Which doesn’t mean it didn’t. Seemed to primarily cover US, UK, Germany, arctic explorers, and a bit about Santos-Dumont.

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