11 thoughts on “T-6/Zero Hot Rod: Men and their toys (XXVII).

  1. What a thing to do to a T-6! Why the hinomaru ? Just because Harvard or T-6 are used as substitutes in war movies for the “Zero”?

  2. T6 is one of the aircrfat that makes me feel worse, pilots had a bad experience about it, I read, but was useful in teaching the required care at landings. Won’t discuss more, I don’t have any pilot license

  3. I have time in a couple of SNJ5s and a Harvard. you do have to pay attention in both take off and landings, but they are not killers. I met a few pilots that told me when they were landing back in WWII, they felt the stick go side to side several times, the signal that the instructor was taking over. In each case the men told me that the plane landed, then as was customary, the student would take the controls and taxi back to the ramp and wait to be chewed out for what ever they had done wrong. In each case, the instructor said, best landing you have done yet. In other words, the plane landed itself. I was told by my instructor, if I ever got into a really bad situation, and still had enough altitude, just let go of the controls, because, “the plane wants to live more then the idiot behind the stick!”

  4. I believe a couple of the Tora Tora Tora T6 Zeros were written off back in the 70s, so glad to see at least one kind of survived. Kind of fitting to do a Mohave Lakester tribute, love the wheels.

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