Boeing “Turbo B-17”: Hot-Fortress.

The ephemeral “Turbo B-17” was a TB-17F (42-6107/N1340N) air tanker owned by Aero-Flite of Cody, Wyoming. This Fortress was re-engined in 1970 with four slender RR Dart 510 turboprops. It barely had time to demonstrate it potential though. Sadly, it crashed only a few moths after it’s first flight, in Aug. 1970.

They managed to place those slick Darts on the B-17 big engine nacelle quite nicely. I don’t know you, but it looks not totally sacrilegious to me. Imposing certainly.

Brown SC: Diamonds were not forever.

This bizarre aircraft was built in Missouri in 1931 and was the brainchild of a guy called Ben Brown. This pusher design was powered by a 95 hp Cirrus Mark III and had a “Bellanca-like” strutted tandem wing  with joined wingtips that form a sort of diamond-shaped wing. Ailerons on the wingtips and elevons on the forward wing, close to the fuselage.  It seems it was test flown, but no data is available about that or about its fate.

Boxy yet alluring.

Photo and main source of information: the great Aerofiles place.

Lavochkin La-15: Against too much bad luck.

The nimble and slick La-15 entered service around the same time the MiG-15 did. Compared to the latter, the La-15 was smaller and was powered by the less powerful RD-500 (a RR Derwent copy). In service the design was well-loved by its crews, but suffered a series of accidents. One of the fatalities was a good friend of Stalin’s son…. In the end the Soviet AF decided to have just one interceptor model, and the MiG-15 was cheaper. Only circa 235 La-15s were built.

At first sight it looks a lot like the seminal Ta 183, a slender one. Kinda pretty too.

Ricci R.4: Pensare in Grande.

The Ricci R.4 was a transatlantic double-hull quadriplane seaplane project which appeared just after the end of WW1. This huge catamaran was designed to be powered by eight engines of a nominal power of 5000 hp. The cabin, seen here between the two inner wings, has two levels able to carry around 155 passengers. It was  conceived to offer a luxurious service worthy of the great liners of the time.

Photo Source.