Martin 167W (XA-22): Loser of my heart.

The Martin 167W was designed to meet a 1938 US. Army Air Corps requirement for an attack-bomber. First flown in early 1939 under the XA-22 denomination, this slick aircraft failed to win an American production order. They ordered the DB-7 instead. Despite that, following its tests, the design was offered for export. It was soon taken out by the endangered French. Relatively few arrived before the 1940 surrender, but they proved to be very handy assets. The rest of the French orders were taken by the British who named it the “Maryland”. The RAF and the South African AF used them with considerable success in the Mediterranean and the Middle East.

The single XA-22 prototype displaying all its magnificence.

5 thoughts on “Martin 167W (XA-22): Loser of my heart.

  1. Since I was a kid, I have always had a thing for the Maryland and Baltimore. Always high, on my list of planes I would have loved to have found in a barn!

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