Lockheed L-1049 Super Connie: Captivated.


Relishing with gusto Le Corbusier’s 1935 book “Aircraft”. In that classic work, the peerless architect placed aviation as the pinnacle of modern technical achievement. It was then indeed.

He also declared the ecstatic feeling aviation produced in him. He surely disguised well his emotions: the Super Connie was his preferred aircraft.


Michel Loup’s Monoplane: Pas de Problème.

In 1853 Michel Loup published a short book “Solution Du Problème De La Locomotion Aérienne” book. In that work Loup proposed this quaint bird-form aircraft design propelled by two winged-shaped propellers. He stated “his plan of gliding through the air on four revolving wings”.

Detail of a drawing taken from Phillip Jarrett’s classic “Pioneer Aircraft: Early Aviation Before 1914”.

Messerschmitt Bf 109G-2/Trop: Thank you, Sir.

Just heard the sad news of Russ Snadden’s demise. Snadden was the mastermind behind the epic restoration of that old favourite of mine, the iconic “Black 6”. I still remember how incredible was, back then, to see a real Bf 109 back in its element. His book recounting the whole process is simply mesmerizing,… to read and reread.

Glorious portrait of “she” with the equally legendary Flt Lt Charlie Brown at the controls.  I love its “tropical” air filter.

Convair B-58A Hustler: “Valkyrized”.

Overly dramatic, not the matter, redemption of Strategic Air Command (SAC) in action over the mightiest target, Moscow. The artist seems to have found the stunning Hustlers a bit too “lame looking”; he’s added them some very B-70 Valkyrie-like canards.

Artwork: “Failsafe” Saturday Evening Post Cover (October 13, 1962) by Robert McCall.

Just finished this refreshing view of the SAC, nukes and the very Cold War in general. An Eye opener, quite well-written and very readable. Highly recommended.

NAA P-51B Mustang: The Unwanted.

Fighter ace William J. Hovde (then a captain) of the 358th FS, 355th FG 8th AF and his colorful P-51B. Of note the white cross under the swastikas: that stencil signified that Hovde’s Mustang was equiped with a fuselage fuel tank… extra fuel that turned the Mustang into a legend.
The Mustang was the aircraft that “saved” the Mighty Eight…even against the USAAF chauvinistic desires. Unwanted basically because it was a “not conceived here” aircraft, the P-51/RR Merlin combo was just too good to be ignored.

All surfaces in this very welcome book. Rough -maybe even raw- readin’, but the amount of interesting facts unearthed are definitely very, very worthy.