Dassault Mirage 5BA: Back to life.

Un ancêtre reprend vie

The very alive cockpit of the Belgian Mirage 5BA in the Musée Européen de l’Aviation de Chasse, Montelimar (France). A place where people take care of their jewels.


Lockheed F-104G Starfighter: Einfach Wunderbar !!!

Utterly innovative and original display of the German Luftwaffe F-104G (20+90) Martin-Baker Mk. GQ-7(A) ejection seat “in action” at the Deutches Museum.  I kinda love his French Gueneau type 316 flying helmet.
Germans and their love/hate relation with the Starfighter. They used some of these seats indeed.

Marine too, at ease. 

Ryan NYP (replica): No coaching needed.

Just revisited again -I’ve lost count of the times- Billy Wilder’s 1957 “The Spirit of St. Louis” movie. Still bizarre to watch the then almost 50 years old James Stewart as a 25 years old Charles Lindbergh…. Anyway, the attention to the technical details in this superb movie is just mouthwatering. One thing that also gave credibility to the movie was that James Steward was an accomplished pilot and it shows.

Just look at their NYP cockpit. Skilled hands at work.

Convair B-58 Hustler: Bitch, Please !!

In fact, the B-58’s form of pre-recorded female voice warning system provided by Nortronics Division of Northrop Corporation was recorded by actress and singer Joan Elms, not by Gina Drazin. The crew referred to that voice as “Sexy Sally” or as “The (Old) Bitch”…. since she always brought bad tidings.

Photo taken from the July 1962 issue “Popular Science”.

Dassault Mirage IIIDBR: As intense as ever.

The fastest tasting another kind of speed. Formula 1 legend Ayrton Senna in the rear seat of a two-seat F-103D (Brazilian denomination) in April 29, 1989. Utterly proud of his country, Senna said after this flight: “Se todos tivessem a oportunidade de sentir a mesma emoção, teriam mais amor a pátria” / “If all Brazilians would have the opportunity to feel this same emotion, they would love more our country”. No nonsense man.

Senna is wearing the standard Brazilian AF headgear of the era: a single visor HGU-26/P helmet with a MBU-5/P oxygen mask……, but in magnificent “samba” colors.

Such a gorgeous inflight portrait. Two of my addictions nicely joined here.