Twelve O’Clock High: Sweating up the storm.

COVID-19 quarantine times here in Spain and I’ve taken the extra time to revisit old classics. Nothing to add to this monument of film; the US Library of Congress is totally right in its appraisal. Anyway, the pedantic in me has a hard time watching the anachronistic headgear wore by Gregory Peck, among others. The movie was based on 1942 events and for that the A-8B oxygen mask was correct, but the early A-11 flying helmet and B-8 goggles certainly not.

Do take care.

Armstrong (2019): Don’t accept imitations.

I found some time last night to watch this documentary. I must confess I had some trepidations about it, but ended quite pleased with the final product. The outstanding footage comes together with a very measured screenplay, thankfully not too hagiographic. In short, it has all “First Man” lacks.

I kinda like this alternative movie poster. Is it me or Neil, in the X-15’s late-model MC-2 pressure suit, looked a lot like Yuri Gagarin?

Lockheed F-104A/C “Zip”: “Beam Him Up, Scotty.”

Not a devoted Trekkie by any means, but the original series had something. I like particularly those episodes when the action took part at the Earth. Among them Season 1 “Tomorrow Is Yesterday”, with a Starfighter in it, is at the very top.

Our hero wears the usual headgear of the era, nicely customised though. Ah, and a very clean Orange International jumpsuit.