Vought XF8U-1 (Mock-Up): “Stop the World, I Want to Get Off”.

One of the superb photos taken during the XF8U-1 mock-Up Inspection (Sept. 16-18, 1953) held at the Chance Vought Division, United Aircraft Corporation, Dallas, Texas. The model is displaying here the Vought ejection seat activation through face curtain. He seems to be wearing the ultra-rare David Clark US. Navy Model 16 pressure suit, not 100% sure though.

Don’t ask me why but I’ve always found this kind of seat activation hilarious .


RAF B-type flying helmet/D-type oxygen mask: Modellers needed.

I know there are other similar British propaganda posters made with “gun” and “ship” instead of “plane”, but the kid in me can’t resist the pun.

Primitively cool early-WW2 RAF headgear.

Photo. IWM.

Douglas A3D-2 Skywarrior: Jonah abides.

Superb portrait of a HATRON Four (VAH-4) “Whale” pilot. He seems quite happy and contented with the A3D lack of ejection seats; the bizarre round shape behind his seat is the seat headrest. At the right we can observe the Bombardier/Navigator’s console.
Our aviator looks certainly smart in his orange international flight suit. Nothing garish in his natty late version APH-5 flying helmet with MS22001 oxygen mask either.

Bf 110 or Ju 87B: The Dandiest Bordschütze.

Not 100% sure about this gunner’s aircraft. Anyway, that MG 15 machine gun and the canopy structure reflected in his early Nitsche und Günther Splitterschutzbrille googles looks a lot like the one in the Bf 110 or even the “Bertha” Stuka. All in all, he wears the typical Luftwaffe mid-war head gear. Quite similar to this Jäger.

Thayaht: Il paracadute Salvator.

“Paracadutista” (Parachutist) 1931.
It’s been a long time since I don’t share a piece of Futurismo here. It’s time then. In this case, a lovely piece by the hand of Thayaht, the artist name of Ernesto Michahelles.

With its Warren girder interplane structure and characteristic shorter upper wing, the biplane depicted here couldn’t be more Italian. By the way, the “Salvator” was the classic Italian parachute of that era.

GE electrically heated flight suit: Gonna have to look at eBay.

The huge General Electric company, in conjunction with LION Apparel, were the US military services  main providers of electrically heated flight suits during World War II.
One of the early models/test units being test here the cheap way. That “bucket” seat…

Writing these lines in this freeze winter it is sure an emergency to manage. Envy is a capital sin, my friends.