Heinkel He 112B: Just Because (LX).

A deliciously pastoral Heinkel postcard of a flock of striking single collector tube He 112B’s taken at Rostock in 1938. The sheep herd was used to keep the grass airfield in tip top condition.

Yep, the Topolino-powered Rolls-Royce again.

Lippisch Delta IM: Alpha of the Deltas.

Alexander Lippisch coined the name “Delta” and also had the honour of building the first practical delta wing aircraft. His Delta IM flew in 1931 as an evolution of his previous work on tailess gliders, and in particular as a powered version (30 hp Bristol Cherub III) of his Delta I. The result was both nimble and easy to handle as we can observe in this charming video. The only example built was destroyed in a 1933 crash, but the seed was already sown.

Photo: ©Alex Stocker.

Blohm & Voss Ha 140: The winner took nothing at all.

The Ha 140 was conceived by Richard Vogt to fulfil a a late 1930s Luftwaffe long-range torpedo bomber / reconnaissance aircraft requirement. The three prototype were built of which the first one took its  maiden flight in Sept. 1937. During the competitive tests they proved to be easily the best of the bunch, among them the He 115 which came second. And here it comes the incredible. Blohm & Voss declined to produce their Ha 140 because they’d found themselves without the production capacities. The people of Heinkel couldn’t believe their luck.

The first prototype, Ha 140 V1 (D-AUTO), in its element. Not a pretty nose, but those gorgeously clean floats more than made up that deficit.